Deadlift Only Meet @ The Long Beach Fitness Festival Sept.19, 2015

Event Phone: 9513783563

  • September 19, 2015
    9:00 am - 2:00 pm

Lift Heavy Junk at Legendary Competitor Dynamic Duo @ the Long Beach Fitness Festival!

This is a Deadlift Only “Raw” Meet

You will have 3 attempts to achieve 1 rep max Deadlift

Conventional or Sumo



In the deadlift the athlete grasps the loaded bar which is resting on the platform floor. The lifter pulls the weights off the floor and assumes an erect position. The knees must be locked and the shoulders back, with the weight held in the lifter’s grip. At the referees “DOWN” command the bar will be returned to the floor under the control of the lifter.



One pair of socks may be worn. When worn they may not extend over the knee nor on the leg so that they touch any knee wrapping or knee cap supporter. Full length leg stockings, tights, or hose are not permitted. Socks, tape or plastic shin guards are required on the deadlift.

(*Scoring for top 3 Men and Women winners will be based off of the Wilks formula)

Check out Legendary Competitor website for info on Team Competition “Dynamic Duo” and other events happening that day!

Event Location


Venue Phone: 9513783563

Marina Green 386 E Shoreline Dr , CA, Long Beach, CA, US, 90802